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DNS: Sender Policy Framework

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I plan to send email from my domain and I'd like to have SPF enabled.
At this time it does not seem possible to setup a SPF record, even through
the 'Expert' panel, which is
a bit odd since Gandi is advertising 'Full Domain Management'.
Using SPF via TXT records (a method which is now deprecated) does not work
either because
double quotes are stripped from the 'value' field.

The quotes issue was raised and fixed some years ago but seems to have

The only 'question' about SPF record is here but has a different issue:

- When will SPF record be customizable ?
- In the mean time, how can I get around the quote issue ?

Thanks :)
EDIT : It seems TXT records are double-quoted, but it does not show in the
configuration interface, only through DNS requests, qo I can use those for
SPF. Shouldn't the quotes show on the web interface ? It is kind of

My first question still stands: how about SPF records ?