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Blog General: Designer Christian Lacroix, the French brand Petit Bateau will launch Women & Children’s Series!

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Christian Lacroix,Petit Bateau
Although the self-titled brand in the event of bankruptcy and then did not
revive, they would have been over sixty years, but the designer Christian
Lacroix, the love for fashion design has not stopped, following the launch
of this summer’s series of advanced custom designs Schiaparelli after,
Christian Lacroix pick down turn with the French brand Petit Bateau launch
fashion line.

Christian Lacroix and Petit Bateau collaboration series will include four
women and two children’s clothing, will be officially launched in December
this year, there is news that the Paris Opera will also Christian Lacroix
costumes this work among income. Petit Bateau is the creation in 1893 of the
French brand, product line, including baby clothes, children’s clothing,
mother dress, adult men women, etc., this year also happens to be the 120th
anniversary of the brand. Christian Lacroix haute couture once it is
infinite aftertaste, this master shot design children’s clothing, but also
gives another look.

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