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On Thu, 22 Sep 2011 09:39:10 +0200
Andrey Korobkov <> wrote:

1) Do you provide (or plan to provide) servers with IPv6 /64 subnet or
one IP address? If yes, may I use other addresses from my /64?
What about reverse DNS on whole /64 subnet?
Each virtual interface of a virtual server will receiver a public IPV4
address by a DHCP request (or other means configured) and a public IPV6
address using RA (Router Announcement). You will not be able to get other
addresses per network interfaces.

A virtual server could have at most 4 interfaces.
2) May I configure my server IP (v4 and v6) as static, not DHCP (stateless
As your are root on your virtual server, you can change the network
configuration as you see fit.
If your server is not reachable anymore through the network, you will be
able to activate the emergency hosting console (See your virtual server
detailled page in your customer account on Gandi website). This console give
you a direct tty to your server (as a serial cable to a physical machine
could do).
3) Do you provide (or plan to provide) IPv6-enabled recursor DNS-servers
hosted servers (DHCP offers only IPv4 now...)?
At the moment ns{1,2,3,4,5} are only reachable using IPV4
addresses. In a near futur, these recursor cache DNS server will be IPV6

Nicolas Chipaux