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On Mar, 1 2012 15:51 CET, Ryan Bowman wrote:
If you are looking to switch to GANDI I suggest you use a different domain

The whois of my domain notes that the registrar has switched but the GANDI
system will not take the domain transfer.

I have written two notes to Customer Service with no response.

I am starting to question my decision.

Can anyone help? I have noted that most people have trouble getting help
from GANDI but perhaps one of the duped customers has had a similar
experience they can share?
I can't even get them to transfer my domain. Their little progress screen is
stuck on 2. After 10 days my query has made it to level 3 tech support but
still no solution. I don't think these people are technically able to
support their customers. I've instructed my current registrar to lock the
domain to prevent transfer and kissing goodbye to Gandi. They should change
the no bullshit to full of bullshit.