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Topic: More than one domain per server Started on 2008 May. 15 20:38 Last active on 2008 May. 15 20:38

A couple of questions: Is the Centos version 4 or 5. 5 has a apache bug which has not been removed. Can one use the GUI of Centos when connecting to the server? Can one run more than one domain per server? All the best... more»

Topic: RapidVPS Started on 2008 Feb. 16 03:52 Last active on 2008 May. 8 23:52

I'm using RapidVPS and thinking of switching to Gandi VPS because the price is cheaper and I feel that Gandi is... nicer. Anyway, put aside the system spec, is there more reasons to switch?... more»

Topic: Incident of 25/04/08 from 13:12 GMT Started on 2008 Avr. 26 15:05 Last active on 2008 Avr. 26 15:05

"General" version: Due to a configuration error on our part (human error), we started a chain reaction with a serious routing bug on our network equipment. This led to the system being ground to a halt, which is why our services were unavailable for... more»

Topic: Packet loss/network down. Started on 2008 Avr. 25 15:41 Last active on 2008 Avr. 25 17:30

Ive been experiencing often packet loss/network crashes at my server (, anybody else having this issue or is it with gandi? I also tend to get disconnected for few minutes sometimes by the server (stops responding). Sincerely,... more»

Topic: 90 minutes and still no server Started on 2008 Avr. 23 22:38 Last active on 2008 Avr. 24 04:30

Over 90 minutes ago, I received my "Share addition successful" message for a new server, Debian 4 in expert mode. The status page shows my server is running, but the server overview still says "Order in progress". I am unable to log in via ssh. How... more»

Topic: HELP I'M NEWBIE Started on 2008 Avr. 16 01:09 Last active on 2008 Avr. 22 16:47

I have been trying and trying but can't seem to get my web sites to go live. If I use the Gandi AI do I have to use SSH to configure the server. Right now when I ftp or telnet to my server I get sent to a blank root directory, no files no www/ no... more»

Topic: Beta duration Started on 2008 Jan. 9 09:03 Last active on 2008 Avr. 22 16:01

Hi. I read the thread over on the French forum about the possible/likely pricing after beta. The other obvious question that springs to mind is : How long will the beta be? Of course I realise that the duration might change in light of issues, but... more»

Topic: 1 page website available? Started on 2008 Feb. 21 15:37 Last active on 2008 Avr. 15 17:05

Hello, can I add a one page simple website that says under construction? Instead of having it go to gand's default: web page does not exist? Thanks... more»

Topic: Root user Started on 2008 Avr. 9 09:56 Last active on 2008 Avr. 12 14:10

I'm unable to install any software on my Ubuntu 7.10 image, because the root user is not working, despite the fact that it is activated. I can't login as root either... any suggestion?... more»

Topic: Horrible support! Started on 2008 Avr. 10 06:20 Last active on 2008 Avr. 11 15:12

Why is support so horrible? Being in Beta is no excuse for that. This is your moment in the spotlight, this is when you have to convince people that your services are outstanding. Don't turn people away by a bad first impression like this. I have an... more»

Topic: SSL secure email Started on 2008 Feb. 11 16:20 Last active on 2008 Avr. 10 06:52

Sorry this is not concerning hosting... we're using Gandi for email, and IMAP with SSL. However, when sending an Email, why is it necessary to show our own client IP number in the headers, when even Yahoo do not do that? Can this be fixed to assure... more»

Topic: Ubuntu Hardy release on April 24th - when in expert mode on Gandi? Started on 2008 Avr. 9 09:44 Last active on 2008 Avr. 9 09:44

I'm using hosting in expert mode. When it will be possible to get a share with Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 LTS? I need this information to plan deployment. TIA,... more»

Topic: no ping Started on 2008 Avr. 1 16:54 Last active on 2008 Avr. 2 09:49

Hi. state server: Running but my ip no ping no function Thanks, Mauro... more»

Topic: Server installation changes Started on 2008 Mar. 24 17:34 Last active on 2008 Mar. 24 17:34

I've noticed that newer Debian-based machines are (slightly?) different to their older counterparts -- e.g. the rc.local script has changed and there appears to be more files in /etc. I'd quite like to have all of my machines in sync; does anyone... more»

Topic: Sendmail and Hostname Started on 2008 Mar. 3 22:25 Last active on 2008 Mar. 21 07:21

my hostname defined by dhcp is hovel2. but it's not qualified hostname, and sendmail can't work properly. I used posftix with halo as a temporary solution, but i hope it will be fixed.... more»

Topic: FTP Usage Started on 2008 Mar. 21 00:08 Last active on 2008 Mar. 21 00:08

Is there any particular reason why FTP down right blows(read: slow/no transfer at all) sometimes? This happens "mostly" at night, however it also randomly happens. Sometimes I'll get a decent 15kb/s, other times I can barely push 500bytes/s. -Brad... more»

Topic: Game Servers Started on 2008 Mar. 12 19:11 Last active on 2008 Mar. 13 09:58

Ignoring any performance issues, are there any Terms of Service that say you cannot run one your hosting ? ( I could not find any TOS for the hosting )... more»

Topic: IP addresses Started on 2008 Mar. 13 03:06 Last active on 2008 Mar. 13 09:53

Do you get an IP address per share, or just one IP address?... more»

Topic: Is x86_64 Centos available? Started on 2008 Mar. 7 18:25 Last active on 2008 Mar. 7 18:25

The hardware my server is running on appears capable of 64 bit instructions? The distribution I installed, Centos, is the 32 bit version. Is Dom0 64 bit? Can we run 64 bit domU's? Is the 64 bit version of Centos available?... more»

Topic: devpts not mounted Started on 2008 Mar. 6 08:45 Last active on 2008 Mar. 6 08:45

devpts seems not mounted by default. It causes errors with screen and some others applications while non-root users can't get access to /dev/tty*. Solution - add devpts /dev/pts devpts gid=5,mode=620 0 0 to your /etc/fstab... more»

Topic: Backup Solution Started on 2008 Mar. 3 22:21 Last active on 2008 Mar. 3 22:21

I need a backup solution for my database and files. Can i request a share that will be definitely on another server than my first share?... more»

Topic: resolv.conf suddenly empty Started on 2008 Feb. 28 16:32 Last active on 2008 Feb. 29 10:35

/etc/resolv.conf is empty on my server, thus I can't resolve any domain names from the server (a BIG problem). It was working fine for months...not sure what changed at Gandi to make this happen. What are the IP addresses of the nameservers... more»

Topic: Server Started on 2008 Feb. 23 18:07 Last active on 2008 Feb. 26 14:51

Am I right in thinking the new hosting option would allow us to look after multiple websites? I.e we do not need to purchase more than 1 hosting account per domain.... more»

Topic: Hosting problem ? Started on 2008 Feb. 23 13:01 Last active on 2008 Feb. 25 19:03

Hi My virtual host is not responding. I tryed to "stop" it from the interface, but it still idicating "commande en cours" (ie: processing command). Is there's something wrong somewhere ? Thx Paul... more»

Topic: Hosting problem ? Started on 2008 Feb. 23 13:03 Last active on 2008 Feb. 23 13:03

Message supprimé par MesNews... more»

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